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How to programmatically search for a file inside some JAR into java?

Java: Copy jar files programmatically into another destination.

I have a simple solution is like below:

What is jar file?

Jar is a collection of a multiple files as single one file. Jar files are an better way to distribute java application.It is compressing a file into a zip file is an better way to distribute other program over the internet.

To start JAR file just type the below command.

java -jar example.jar

To explode or extract the JAR file type the below command.

jar -xf example.jar

Now how to search jar files programmatically into another destination?

=>You just use JarInputStream to open it.
=>Then over it using getNextJarEntry.
=>Finaly compare name using ZipEntry.getName().

Your jar file has been search programmatically.



How to solve java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError?

I try and get simple solution is like below:

Here I explain how to solve this type of error.
Step:1-Check the class path in evironment variables.
Step:2-I opened project in navigator of eclipse and check the class files.

Here my class file are in different folder not in bin folder.

Step:3-Simple I just copied different folder class files to bin folder.
Step:4-Then last copy .class files to bin directory of your eclipse.

My problem is resolved by above solution and hope also your problem will be resolve.