About We

We are a working group of friend and knowing to each other well, and all the member are working for different companies. Some are working for national and some are working for the multinational companies from India and abroad.

We are all facing the problem on work which has related to their domain and we also find the solution and then forgot. So we are deciding to make an website where we will post the error and if we found the solution of that then we will post the solution.

We are welcome to all the website visitor to become the part of our group and make it more powerful to post with error which you are facing now and in previous time. If you found any solution then please share we will approve the post which has surely helpful for us and all another visitors.

The error should post only in the below field

All computer Programing language from all the domain such as

  • Microsoft Technology-  ASP, c#. ASP.net
  • Another language : C, C++, Visual Basic
  • Open Source : PHP, Java
  • HTML, XML, JavaScript and all the Scripting Language
  • Database : Ms Access, MSSQL 2005, MSSQL 2008, MySQL,  PostGRE, Oracle All Version.
  • Operating System : Microsoft Window All Version, Mac OS,
  • Linux Based : centOS with all version , Unix All version
  • Red Hat, Fedora, Ubuntu
  • Server : Microsoft Window Server with all the edition and version.

Hosting Management Software and all the related error queries with cPanel, HELM, Website Panel, Parallel PLESK
also installing and configuration error faced with Outlook, Thunderbird or any third party software installation error and solution. Error faced with installing Joomla, Word Press and any another CMS free software.

About the Author