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The connection to adb is down and a severe error has occurred.

Follow below steps
Step 1 :- Open your task manager.
Step 2 :- Now go to processes tab.
Step 3 :- Now find adb.exe and select it.
Step 4 :- Now click on End Process button.
Step 5 :- Now restart your eclipse and run your application.

How to show Indian Currency Format in asp.net

Convert Number into Indian Rupees using asp.net

How to display Indian currency format in asp.net

How to display a number into Indian format using asp.net

Show number in Currency format in asp.net

Copy following code
CultureInfo cuInfo = new CultureInfo(“hi-IN”);
double val = 500000;
string valuewithcomma = (val.ToString(“N”, cuInfo));
string finalvalue = valuewithcomma.Split(‘.’)[0];
Note : Add following namespace in your page
using System.Globalization;


The type or namespace name ‘DbContext’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Add EntityFramework.dll in your project and after run it.

How to set user permissions in wordpress ?

Follow below steps :-
Step 1 :- Login in your WordPress Website Admin Panel.
Step 2 :-After go to User Menu .
Step 3 :- Now click on Add New User.
Step 4 :- Now give the Username,E-mailid ,Username and set paasword .
Step 5 :-Select your user Role and set user permissions.
Step 6 :- Then Click Add New User button and your new user permissions will be set.