How to add arrow in wordpress menu ?

Add arrow on the sub menu with child elements in wordpress.

How can we add arrow on the sub menu with the child elements on the repsonsive theme?

I try and get simple solution:

You just add below script in your css where you want arrow in responsive menu.

.nav-menu li > a:after{

color: #888;


content:  " \25BA";


.nav-menu li > a:hover:after {

color: #444;

content: " \25BA";


.nav-menu li > a:only-child:after {

content: '';


After adding script go to start -> run -> and type character map.

Character map using for choosing different different arrow purpose it’s like click below image.

Choose arrow and get the code of particular arrow here above image I make a round on code. Type this code into your content in script.

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