How to Add LiveChat option in your WordPress?

Use zopim plugin.

zopim plugin in wordpress.

WordPress zopim plugin.

Follow below steps:

Step:1-Sign Up in zopim to Click here
Step:2-Download gallery bank plugin it by Click here
Step:3-Go to your admin panel.
Step:4-Click on Plugin -> Add New.
Step:5-updoad the zopim plugin.
Step:6-Install and active your plugin.
Step:7-Then see in left side menu and select Zopim chat.
Step:8-Then click on Account setup..

Step:9-Give your Zopim username and password and click on Link Up.
Step:10-Finally, make full use of our intuitive Dashboard to manage your chat widget.

Little description about zopim plugin

Zopim Live Chat shows up as a chatbar docked at the bottom of your website.
Visitors chat with you simply by clicking on the Zopim Chat Widget.
Reply to chats online or offline via any browser, or your favorite IM client.
Let customers reach you directly. You can also proactively click on them to start a chat.
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