How to Easily add Tabs, Accordion, dialogs and spoilers to in your wordpress post?

how to easily add tabs in wordpress?.

how to add Accordion in wordpress?

how to add dialogs and spoilers to your wordpress posts?

Follow below steps:

Step:1-Download wp ui plugin by Click here
Step:2-Go to your admin panel.
Step:3-Click on Plugin -> Add New.
Step:4-Search the wp ui plugin.
Step:5-Install and active your plugsin.
Step:6-See in left hand side wordpress menu.
Srep:7-Click on post and select new post.
Step:8-one popup box will be open.
Spep:9-Click on close button.
Step:10-See in your add new post page in menu bar.
Step:11-UI is already there.
Step:12-Enjoy your plugin.

Your plugin has been work.

Below little description about wp ui plugin.

wp ui plugin takes care of all the not-needed background stuff and makes it ultimately easy to implement
wp ui widgets – Tabs, accordions, spoilers, dialogs. Real power of this plugin lies in the handy
functions and shortcodes that deal with posts and feeds.
Easily add Tabs, Accordion, dialogs and spoilers to your posts.

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