How to get my Facebook User ID?

Get my Facebook User ID.

Easy way to get my Facebook User ID.

Solution is like a below:

If you want to find your facebook userID,
So,Easier and better way to find your own user ID,
it just follow the two steps bellow:
Step:1-you are already logged in in Facebook.
Step:2-Go to this page
Step:3-It’s get request to facebook using your ID.
Step:4-it will be show in a gray box and the information will be something like below.



“name”: “YOUR FULL NAME”,

“first_name”: “FIRST NAME”,

“last_name”: “LAST NAME”,

“link”: “”,

“username”: “USERNAME”,

“gender”: “male”,

“locale”: “pt_BR”,

“type”: “user”

After you get your USER ID from the link above just insert it in the field “Admin ID” of the
SEO Facebook Comments plugin.

Everything should work just fine more deatil Click here.

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