How to create dropdown-list in wordpress?

how to use dropdown-list in wordpress?

Use dropdown-list in wordpress.

dropdown-list plugin in wordpress.

wordpress dropdown-list.

Follow below steps:

Step:1-Download acategory-dropdown-list plugin by Click here
Step:2-Go to your admin panel.
Step:3-Click on Plugin -> Add New.
Step:4-Upload the acategory-dropdown-list plugin.
Step:5-Install and active your plugsin.
Step:6-Configure the plugin through Settings -> acategory menu in WordPress

Below little description about acategory-dropdown-list plugin.

Using acategory-dropdown-list plugin you can,
easily select category from a dropdown list.
It create one category per post.
Limit possible choise to one category by post or organize your post
by several categories and subcategories and avoid chacking wrong extra category.

Your plugin has been successfully work.

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