How to use Easy Gallery in wordpress?


Use Easy Gallery.

WP Easy Gallery in wordpress.

wordpress Easy Gallery.

Below little description about WP Easy Gallery

WP Easy Gallery is an easy to use WordPress gallery plugin that allows you tocreate and manage multiple image galleries through a simple admin interface.

Follow below steps:

Step:1-Download WP Easy Gallery plugin by Click here

Step:2-Go to your admin panel.

Step:3-Click on Plugin -> Add New.

Step:4-Search the WP Easy Gallery plugin.

Step:5-Install and active your plugsin.

Step:6-Go to Easy Gallery menu -> Add Gallery

Srep:7-Fill your gallery details.

Step:8-Then click on add gallery.

Spep:9-This time create a one sort code:

Step:10-Copy of this code and paste in your require page.

Step:11-Click on view page.

Step:12-Click on Add image in left hand side.

Step:13-Upload your image with path,title,description and sort code.

Your plugin has been work.

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