How to use datepicker in mysite?

datepicker in my site.

Use datepicker in my site.

Add datepicker in my site using jquery.

follow below solution

The datepicker is tied to a standard form input field.
It’s Focus on the input (click, or use the tab key) to open an interactive calendar in a small overlay.
Choose a date, click elsewhere on the page.

If you want to add datepicker in your site,
Then write the following script where you want datepicker in you page.



$( "#hopestart" ).datepicker();  // hopestar is a textbox id

$( "#hopelaunch" ).datepicker();  // hopelaunch is a textbox id



How to use datepicker:Using below textbox

<input type="text" id="hopestart" name="hopestart"/>

Click on below image is demo of datepicker.

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