How to install wordpress in localhost?

Install wordpress.

Follow below steps:

Step:1-first,you have to install wampserver.
Step:2-Then Download the wordpress.
Step:3-Then copy of downlowded wordpress folder.
Step:4-Then paste in the c:\www\wamp.
Step:5-Then go to wordpress folder and find the wp-config-sample file.
Step:6-Copy of wp-config-sample and paste into this this folder.(wordpress).
Step:7-Rename this folder and give the new name wp-config.
Step:8-Go to wampserver->phpMyAdmin.
Step:9-Click on Databases and create new Database.

Step:10-Give Database name whetever you I give db_mytest. click on create

Step:11-After created database click on privileges.
Step:12-Click on Add new user.

Step:13-Fill the all details.
Step:14-Like..Username,Host name select local,password and re-password.
Step:15-Here I give Username=Bhavesh,Host=local,and password=mypassword.
Step:16-See below Global privileges (Check All / Uncheck All) select CheckAll.

Step:17-Go to again your c:\wamp\www\wordpress.
Step:18-open wp-config file.

Step:19-Enter the database name,username and password which you give into the Add new user.
Step:20-Open wampserver -> localhost.
Step:21-Then go to your project -> wordpress.

Step:22-Give your site name here I give Testing site.

Step:23-Give username and password whatever you like.
Step:24-Here I give username=admin and password=myadmin.
Step:25-And final give your EmailId.

wordpress successfully install and complete with admin panel.

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