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How to use smooth scroll up plugin in wordpress?

Use smooth scroll up in wordpress.

Follow below steps:

Step:1-Download smooth scroll up plugin it by Click here
Step:2-Go to your admin panel.
Step:3-Click on Plugin -> Add New.
Step:4-Search the smooth scroll up plugin.
Step:5-Install and active your plugin.
Step:6-Go to Settings menu
Step:7-Select option whatever you apply in smooth scroll up.

How to display multiple single page templates based on categories for WordPress?

Display multiple single page templates based on categories for WordPress.

Solution is like a below:


$post = $wp_query->post;

if ( in_category('20') )  //20 is define by category id{

include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/single1.php'); // single1.php is a one page.

} else {

include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/single2.php'); // single2.php is a one page.



your problem has been solved.

what is the syntex of basic php?

Syntex of basic php.

Basic php syntex is below:


// Write PHP code  here.


Little demo of php:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<h1>My demo PHP page</h1>

echo "Hello pcube members!";


How to install wordpress in localhost?

Install wordpress.

Follow below steps:

Step:1-first,you have to install wampserver.
Step:2-Then Download the wordpress.
Step:3-Then copy of downlowded wordpress folder.
Step:4-Then paste in the c:\www\wamp.
Step:5-Then go to wordpress folder and find the wp-config-sample file.
Step:6-Copy of wp-config-sample and paste into this this folder.(wordpress).
Step:7-Rename this folder and give the new name wp-config.
Step:8-Go to wampserver->phpMyAdmin.
Step:9-Click on Databases and create new Database.

Step:10-Give Database name whetever you like.here I give db_mytest. click on create

Step:11-After created database click on privileges.
Step:12-Click on Add new user.

Step:13-Fill the all details.
Step:14-Like..Username,Host name select local,password and re-password.
Step:15-Here I give Username=Bhavesh,Host=local,and password=mypassword.
Step:16-See below Global privileges (Check All / Uncheck All) select CheckAll.

Step:17-Go to again your c:\wamp\www\wordpress.
Step:18-open wp-config file.

Step:19-Enter the database name,username and password which you give into the Add new user.
Step:20-Open wampserver -> localhost.
Step:21-Then go to your project -> wordpress.

Step:22-Give your site name here I give Testing site.

Step:23-Give username and password whatever you like.
Step:24-Here I give username=admin and password=myadmin.
Step:25-And final give your EmailId.

wordpress successfully install and complete with admin panel.

How to install wordpress in localhost?,install wordpress in localhost,install wordpress.

How to tab Focus of textbox in ASP.NET using JQuery?

Tab Focus of textbox in ASP.NET using JQuery.

Follow below solution:

When user press the Enter key,
the Tab focus of a textbox moves to the next textbox using JQuery in ASP.NET.

Write below code in the Head tag of a webpage:

<script src="Scripts/jquery-1.9.1.js"
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
$(document).ready(function ()
$('input:text').bind('keydown', function (e)
if (e.keyCode == 13)
var nextIndex = $('input:text').index(this) + 1;
var maxIndex = $('input:text').length;
if (nextIndex < maxIndex)
$('input:text:eq(' + nextIndex + ')').focus();

The process cannot access the file ‘.mdf’ because it is being used by another process

Solution of:The process cannot access the file ‘.mdf’ because it is being used by another process

Follow below solution:

If you are work in SQL server.

Close your SQL server,
Reopen your SQL server.

If you are work in asp.net.

Close your asp.net,
Reopen your asp.net.

Your problem has been solve: