How to create setup file for .net windows application?

Following are some tips to create a setup file for .net application…

We can create setup file for this application with MS Access Database..

Following steps to create a setup file…

Step:1-go to File->Add->new project.

Step:2-select “Setup and Deployment” and select “Setup Project” for right side

Step:3-Give the appropriate name to the Setup file.

Step:4-Enter name Press ok.

Step:5-Check out your right side solution explorer,your Setup file is Added or not.

Step:6-Rigth Click on your application folder and select Add->Project Output.

Step:7-When you select it at a time one Popup windows open.

Step:8-Select primary output in this window and click Ok button..

your Setup file is created after follow by above steps…

How to add MS Access database to the Set up file?

I have to placed access database in my application “Demo” directory.

so I have to create directory for same like this in application folder.

Step:1- Right Click of the application folder and choose Add – > New folder and name it for that folder “Demo”

Step:2-Than Double click on the “Data” folder in the application folder to open,

Step:3- Now right click and choose Add->File

Step:4-Let’s see new dialogue box is appear and ask for your database location.

Step:5-Select your database path and click ok.

How to add Desktop Shortcut in setup file?

Following steps it create a Desktop Shortcut in Setup file.

Step:1-Select the Application folder into a File System.

Step:2-Than Right click on the Primary Output file that create shortcut for that file.

Step:3-Change the name of that shortcut and cut the shortcut file.

Step:4-go to File System user’s desktop.

Step:5-Double click on that folder and open it and here paste that shortcut.

If you want to change your short cut icon so,rigth click on short cut and choose properties window.

That is property window choose icon option to set icon for your desktop shortcut..

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