How to add custom widgets in wordpress?

Step:9-If your plugins cann’t work when what you want,it will show a debug prompt ,

Steps for how to add custom widgets in wordpress?
Step:1-Search amr shortcode any widgetplugins.

Step:2-Than install that Plugins.

Step:3-Than Activate your plugins.

Step:4-go to Appearance > widgets and search the “shortcode” sidebar.

Step:5-Drag choosed widgets from configured sidebar to shortcodes sidebar.

Step:6- And Save it..

Step:7-where you want configured widget to appear,go to this page.

Step:8-type one of: [do_widget widgetname] eg: [do_widget Demo],eg:[do_widget id=widgetid] in a page/post.

If you want to Download this Plugins..Click on below link.

If you want to bind customize menu..

Write the below code:

[do_widget widgetname ]


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