How to Configure Android SDK with Eclipse IDE to develop Application

It is easy to configure android SDK to develop application.

To configure android SDK with Eclipse IDE to develop android application follow the below steps:

1.Download Android SDK From Here.

2.Now, Extract the

3.Then, Copy that extracted folder to “C:\Program Files”.

4.Now, to configure Android SDK with Eclipse IDE, Start the Eclipse IDE.

5.Now, to install Android SDK , First we have to install ADT( Android Development Tools) Plugin for eclipse IDE.

6.To Download ADT click Here.

7.After downloading ADT, to install ADT, click Help > Install New Software.

8. Now, in Install dialogue box, click on Add button in Available Software.

9.In Add Repository dialog box, type ADT Plugin in Name and to set archive click on Archive button.

10.Now, select the file and click Open button.

11.Now, Click on SelectAll button, and click on Next button.

12.Now, After installation of ADT Plugin.

13.Now, to install Android SDK, Click on Window > Preferences > Android.

14.In SDK Location under Android Click on Browse button, and select the Android SDK path from the C:\Program Files\.

15.Then Click on Apply and Click on OK.

Now, The Android SDK is installed & Configured successfully For your Eclipse IDE.

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