How to remove malware code from your website or when you open the website you will be getting the massage as Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!

Google detected malware when i open my website !

Cause : There are many websites and open source blog that are being hacked and infected by Malware code each day  and day to day it has going increasing. Some Hacker and group of hacker embeds malicious code and links to websites that are deemed as bad neighbors or malicious code.

Result : When you are opening the website it has giving the warning as
This site may harm your computer
Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!”

It should make the frustration because you do not know what to do and what is malicious code and fail to find where is the malicious code.
Solution : 
First you need to make secure that your website and its content does not have any malware code.
For removing malware code and infected files, please do the the below described steps.

First inform to your hosting service provider and if you have your own VPS or dedicated server then
you can disabled the parent path from your control panel.

Before doing please scan your whole system from good antivirus software and keep enable with internet virus scanner and then
Step1. need to download all the website content from the server.
Step2. scan that content from any anti malware scanner and please remove the malware code from the pages.
Most of the time malware or any suspicious code has added in home or default page of the website and also   in  the website sub folder.
Do a scan of your PC and make sure there are no Trojans/viruses capturing your ids/passwords, change ALL passwords especially FTP,Please remove if you find any suspicious or any unnecessary file or folder in your website content.
Please follow the below link for more information about  malware code.
You will need to review all your website pages to remove any malicious code.  Looking at the last modified dates of files which may help you to determine which files have been hacked or infected.

After doing all you need to add your website in the below google website
Please open you google or gmail account and open the below link

After opening this link you can see the write side buttons as ADD A SITE
Please click here and add your website URL
After adding your Website click on the website link you will be able to see Current Status
Under this Current Status please click on Crawl Errors
ow you can able to see More Option
Click one by one and see all the option more important to click on Malware Link
Under this option please click on Request a review
click on the check box and ==>I certify that I have removed badware or badware links from my site, according to’s Security Tips For Websites.

And then write as all the malware code has been removed in the field as ==>Comments about the review request (Optional):
After click on the Ok button you will be getting the massage as “Your request for review was accepted. Please check back later to view the results of your request.”

After 48 hour you can check the result at the same address, if there is no malware code at your website it has automatically removed the warning which has coming before.

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