How to add more than one “Bank Transfer” Payment Gateway in WHMCS

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  • Connect Your FTP Account
  • Open your WHMCS Source Code Files
  • Download banktransfer.php file in to your local PC [PATH : /modules/gateways/banktransfer.php ]
  • Open banktransfer.php in to text editor / Dreamweaver Software
  • Save as file as different name [banktransfer1.php]
  • open bank1transfer.php file in to text editor
  • change the following three lines to the banktransfer1.php page

function banktransfer1_config() {

“Value” => “Bank Transfer 1″

function banktransfer1_link($params) {

Whole Coding


# Bank Transfer Payment Gateway Module for Other BANK Like AXIS BANK , DENA BANK, IDBI BANK, CITY BANK etc..

function banktransfer1_config() {

$configarray = array(
“FriendlyName” => array(
“Type” => “System”,
“Value” => “Bank Transfer 1″
“instructions” => array(
“FriendlyName” => “Bank Transfer Instructions”,
“Type” => “textarea”,
“Rows” => “5″,
“Value” => “Bank Name:\nPayee Name:\nSort Code:\nAccount Number:”,
“Description” => “The instructions you want displaying to customers who choose this payment method – the invoice number will be shown underneath the text entered above”,

return $configarray;


function banktransfer1_link($params) {
global $_LANG;

$code = ‘<p>’.nl2br($params['instructions']).’<br />’.$_LANG['invoicerefnum'].’: ‘.$params['invoiceid'].’</p>’;

return $code;



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