My Joomla website hacked and showing this text “_shell_atildi_.

When I open my joomla based website it has displaying the text “_shell_atildi_.”
My joomla website showing an error “_shell_atildi_

Cause : In the Joomla website all the file are not independent and also they are using the default page as index.php which has more commonly used in the website development. As a result hacker will attack on those common name file and they make edit on the commonly used file.

If you found any Joomla based website with an error _shell_atildi_. then start check with all the index.php file

Solution : I had find the solution from the below path
Start from the website roort folder public_html/templates/beez/index.php
Please open the above path file and find the _shell_atildi_ text
Please delete it if you found or please delete this index.php file and please upload the previous backup index.php file only.

The error might be solved

If it has not solved then please upload the theme freshly for your joomla website.
After that your website will definitely work.


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