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Archive for April 17th, 2012

How to give hyperlink in asp.net window application

Type following code


How to close window in System.Diagnostics.Process

Type following code for close window in System.Diagnostics.Process

System.Diagnostics.Process proces = new System.Diagnostics.Process();

proces.StartInfo.FileName = “iexplore.exe”;

proces .StartInfo.Arguments = “http://localhost/nwind/template/test.xml”;

proces .StartInfo.WindowStyle = System.Diagnostics.ProcessWindowStyle.Hidden;

proces .Start();


proces .Kill();

My Joomla website hacked and showing this text “_shell_atildi_.

When I open my joomla based website it has displaying the text “_shell_atildi_.”
My joomla website showing an error “_shell_atildi_

Cause : In the Joomla website all the file are not independent and also they are using the default page as index.php which has more commonly used in the website development. As a result hacker will attack on those common name file and they make edit on the commonly used file.

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